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Personally, I like the Restaurant the best, especially the upper deck that's festooned in shag, even the banisters.

Covering the banisters is pretty nifty, in that you force the customers to actually grab hold of the uncleanable carpet in order to get up to the upper levels of kitsch, and they're not able to wash their hands.

I think the Knight thingy, Fox, was inspired by the Gobbler, especially the carpet-on-the-walls concept. I expect that, too, was uncleanable: not only bedbugs, but wallbugs.

This tops the "Knight" thingy in Findlay.

Makes me want to sing "Don't cry for me Orange-Crayola." (Argentina -- if I"m too obtuse)

Please, Father! I need a link to a page where I can sign up for the conference. I want to be one of the first, so I can one of the really good rooms at the Gobbler! I'm hoping for the purple room. I am thinking that the Lenten decor will encourage a compunctionate mindset as I enter into the conference. Plus, it looks like a scratching post I once had for my cat, Buster.

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