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Thank you Gina, for the undeserved (and incorrect) comparison to your own essay. These lines from your piece deserve a nice frame:

As a Christian, these stories are a reminder to me both of what our ancestors knew, and of the deeper truths they came to receive. It is difficult in our scientific age to understand how such tales were heard by those who lived in a world where electricity did not crowd out the night stars and where silence could be both deep and long. When do we even know a single moment of true silence, let alone a whole terrifying, glorious night of it? Some of those who heard and repeated these tales may have truly believed that there was a great figure in the sky on an eight-foot horse; I doubt it was the general belief. That did not matter. "Can you reproduce it in a laboratory?" was not a concern of theirs. A howling January storm coming across the night sky was a wild hunt, and it still is, were we only as attuned to the spiritual realities of the created world as those in earlier ages. The shaking of the earth by Yahweh's finger or under the burden of its own decay is even more terrible, yet we know the Lord of Creation's holy name, and know the story of His Son who brought light into the world. I am naturally grateful that in time we heard the fulfillment of the lessons taught by creation and by human imagination, which were not untrue, just incomplete.

Bravo! And James, I suspect that Heathcliff has been moonlighting in Hollywood for a very long time.

Am reading Jasper Fforde's "The Well of Lost Plots". There is a wonderful scene in there of Ms. Havisham leading the Wuthering Heights crew in a rage counseling session. Everyone begins their intro with "I hate and despise Heathcliff because...". I guess it's like group therapy according to Bob Newhart. And then Heathcliff shows up, tells everybody he is really above the book.... and doesn't need it anymore (he's moonlighting his hunky looks in Hollywood). Then of course, with a burst of machine gun fire, the Pro-Cath guerillas show up.....

Yep. This is about all I can stand of Heathcliff myself!

I'm going to order it immediately, thank you. I recently finished a collection of ghost tales put together by Roald Dahl. I wrote about it and similar ideas to your post, far less eloquently than you have here.

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