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Father, bless. I was especially intrigued by your statement: "There is the importance of music and (f)art as liturgical act in time of economic trouble." Why do you think music and art seem to rise in importance, as a liturgical (which, I believe, has a public connotation, from "leitourgia," about it) and public act, in time of economic trouble? My very limited experience as a songwriter has shown me that when the times are tough, people do not have the extra money to spend on the leisure of art and music. It is a difficult pill to swallow, that the creative work one does as a musician and a pursuer of its fine arts is unnecessary and useless, but I wonder if the fault is found both within the speaker and the society to which the song is sung. Does the fact that there is little place, time, wage, or heart given to these fine arts not illustrate some of our heaviness of heart?

Joshua, AC is "Antichrist." I hate to spell that out, as it sounds so chiliastic and "Left Behindish."

That is a poignant note, your idea that abstract art stops at the Cross in its splintered state. One wonders what happened in the arts in La Belle Epoch, when cubism and fauvism rose up? Was it just an absinthe hangover, from too much louching? Or, in my darker suspicions, was it radiation poisoning from having drawn too near the occult? I mean, look at Ravochol, Rimbaud, Baudelaire (to some extent) and Verlaine (before his Catholicism) and the Pole, Apollinaire (to every extent), and Cocteau, not to mention Braque, Mondrian, de Kooning, Duchamps, Kandinsky.

Strange things crept out of Pandora's little box in those years, and it is interesting that soon thereafter a rather large war broke out over really nothing at all -- or nothing understandable, at least.

The second WW was simply an extension of the first, with l'entre deus guerre of twenty depressing years.

I don't know if abstraction halts at the Cross. I think it is the condition of human nature that decays when strayed too far away from the Cross, and too close to AC.

Father, bless. "AC" = anti-Christian? The problem, I think, with abstract art is that it shows the world in its splintered state, but does not show a world whole and together. If read, perhaps, in the light of the Gospel, abstract art halts at the Cross, unable to move forward to the empty Tomb.

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