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Fr. Jonathan, you write

"Worse: He is blamed for every idea that crosses your mind. It is an indictment of our culture – and, woe to us, ecclesiastical culture – that we are able to achieve rhetorical ethos by prefacing our propositions with 'God told me that' or 'I feel led to' or 'This is new, it must be God's will.' "

In my own Evangelical circles such phrases are common. We seem to have a tacet understanding that "maturity" as a Christian means "being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit" -- that is, identifying the correct set of internal sensations and external coincidences as the voice of God. I fear this often leads us, with great sincerity, to find Divine instruction in the state of our digestion.

Does the Tradition of the Church take a clear position on such an approach to ordering one's life as a Christian? Should it be rejected out of hand as a sort of half-hearted Montanism, or is there a sound reason to look for "leading" of this sort, at least in some cases?

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