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"If a Church can empty its satchel of these extraneous burdens, then maybe there will be space enough in the bag for peace enough to give."

The small voice, the small gift of peace... all these are lost in the noise of their opposite. And the lambs may become concerned with the insignificance of their contributions to a point where they may wonder what's the point and wander off as the shepherd is distracted or his senses overwhelmed.

THere's another image of travelling light worth a thought from so many seafaring novels where the pursued ship lightens by casting overboard both its sustenance (food) and its defenses (weapons)... everything but the kitchen sink. Some very tough decisions to make and not without consequences where re-equipping at sea is just not possible, but inevitably waterline length, sail area, displacement etc... all that allow for running at speed fail to deliver when you're weighted down. And the capital ship designed for its purpose is at its advantage... but also very, very unlikely to match the lightening of ship.

But running towards one's pursuer, giving one's self over so that the church may survive (elsewhere) also has a very long and glorious history.

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