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Indeed, David. The only thing that will save us, that CAN save us, both as individual persons and as community, is personal communion with the Thrice Holy Trinity via union with one of them, the crucified and risen Christ, a union and communion which can only take place fully within the context of the Church where she is most herself: at worship, in the liturgy, and via the pursuit of the traditional disciplines of personal prayer, fasting, and alms-giving, and this in the context of an ongoing relationship with at least a confessor and, ideally, a spiritual parent.

Kyrie Eleison
Kyrie Eleison
Kyrie Eleison.

I seen plenty of Orthodox, particularly the over-educated (be they lay or ordained) treat cataphatic and apophatic theology as dialectic.

We are all of us infected, unable to think clearly. Our heads are crowded with thoughts. We are chronically, pathologically and terminally overstimulated.

We can know nothing that is not revealed to us and who will speak revelation? Who now can possibly bear the Word of God?

But I will not accept nihilism. Rather, I simply hope that God will bring about through His mysteries a miracle, raising son's of Abraham from among we stones.

Thank you!

... and then maybe we wouldn't worry so much about the men and women in our churches, but about the men and women who aren't: Do they know something about us that we don't? or are we just hard enough hearted that we care more (or only) about our own salvation (or what we can make of it) and not theirs... here and now... or what they can make of it.

Thank you for this. I was in the audience for the address. The part that especially prompted guffaws (but not universally) was his assertion that we needed to learn repentance from the modernist rogues' gallery. Whatever happened to learning repentance from St John the Baptist, the Lord Himself (Matthew 4:17), and St Peter on Pentecost?

Thank you, father.

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