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Thank you Derek: you're right, Clergue should have shown up in any twentieth century montage. Blessings!

Father, bless!

Very nice collection. I was hoping, however, to see one from Lucien Clergue:

Oh, ok. Sigh. Non seq., one would think, in more convivial quarters.

Do you love black and white because you see everything in black and white? Does this reflect your worldview?

Lovely . . . thank you, Father!

Having lived in the Southeast for a while, once in the early 80s and later in the late 2000s, I found this film to have that sense of a lost time preserved only on film - not to say people do not still gather and play this sort of music, but there is this quality that seems to have once existed, and now is lost to some degree.

Piedmont Blues House Party in Virgina

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