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HAHAHA!! I needed that!

...We are getting a new priest. Poor guy...hope he knows what he's in for. he has a THICK accent (not that this is a bad thing). Looking forward to helping him in ANYWAY I can.

Time will tell. I just hope he does not get too discouraged too quickly..(lots and lots and LOTS of stuff deleted here)..ah, well....Lord have mercy on us all......

Me too, JB.

One of these days, I'm going to post on the trials of growing up as a sawdust trail revivalist, and waking up to find oneself in the maelstrom of Orthodox "churchmanship."

Some of this stuff -- nay, all of this stuff -- makes you step back breathlessly and say, "My God, how did you survive so long, going at it hammer and tongs like you do?"

Maybe it's true, that old banquet joke: The very best evidence that the Orthodox Church is of divine origin is that it has survived its own people.

...I am so confused that I posted this to the wrong post!! I first read Mistakes were made and then read lessons from an abdication.....

Sorry about that (that is my American, Evangelical, apologetic upbringing coming out under the cloak of Orthodoxy) one Orthodox poster once scorned to me - once an evanjellyfish, always an evanjelyfish...ah, well...

Prior to reading this post, I read the post Mistakes were Made... I am know completely and utterly confused. cannot eat your cake and have it too - or is this all just megalomania cloaked in altruism? can take that statement affectionately....or not - I am now confused...

Excellent! Thank you for the fresh air.

Thank you for this.

Good words, Father. By the way, I like the image of the S.S. Carpathia!

Amen, Amen, Amen! Thank you brother for these words. They are difficult to hear but hear them we must. But more importantly we must put them into practice!

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