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I love the short story genre, though I haven't read or written one in ages. I may have to pick this up.

Good review. For the first time in a while, after I had finished this volume, I immediately wanted to go back and re-read it. Great stuff.


I do understand what you say about novels - they do become a "chore in the best meaning of the term." I have yet to finish reading "The Brothers Karamazov.' Currently I have begun to tackle "The Gulag Argipelago" and while it is not a novel, it still has become a chore reading, albeit a pleasant one.

As far as short story authors, Ambrose Bierce and Shirley Jackson's writing style can be quite intriguing. I appreciate the short story genre as well. It can be taken up and finished within one sitting.

Hope you are well, Father and finding enjoyment and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ.

..." One of these days, I'd like to do a series of retreat-type presentations, out in the woods, on this story, seeing as it is a pretty artifice of myth, beauty, goodness and eternity. But I won't since my wont is mentioning that environmentalist tree-hugger and monarchian-anarchist probably overmuch.''

I want to go! ''On Fairy Stories'' is my favorite non-fiction work by Tolkien and the woods are my second-favorite place to be.

You're calling Tolkien a ''environmentalist tree-hugger and monarchian-anarchist?'' He is also - according to the modern Story Police - a sexist, a racist, narrow-minded and to mystical. Makes me love him all the more. Can't wait for your LOTR defense (but then again I can).

I'd forgotten about this book. Sweet.

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