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A timely post in my life. Thank you.

Hear, hear! (Hear, o my soul!)

Bravo, and again Bravo, Father!!!
I believe Konvertsky came from varvara @ wordpress.

Aside from assuming too much of male primacy, this is good. As a convert from pious academic atheism, deconstructive sect, I appreciate the streams of other faiths as they confront Orthodoxy.

But why would I want to dance with another girl?

Thank you.

Thank you for this, Jeff. This survey reports suggests some useful inferences, to be sure.

I don't think Mr Krindatch intended any focus on "tracking" the longevity of converts in their Orthodox emigration. That would be a tough thing to do, certainly. I was one of the respondents in this survey, and the items were all about the various quantifications that are represented well in this report.

I am happy about the place of my own small diocese in this report. As much as I, a convert, enjoy the ethnic heritage of my adopted diocese, we are one of the least ethnically-centered Orthodox communities in America, having the highest rate of English usage. Moreover, the Carpatho-Russians have the highest rate of attendance amongst all the communities.

Nevertheless, tracking converts and finding out how long they stayed, and whether some of them moved off to find more rigorous forms of Orthodoxy, or just threw in the towel altogether -- that could only be measured by longitudinal studies at best, and probably very small N stuff, like narrative case studies.

It's a tad George Barna-ish, but there's this.

Thank you Fr Joseph and David.

And, Lewis, we are not too sure about the meaning or the provenance of your quotation. It is a mystifying syntax, at the very least. Pay grade for clergy is an interesting concept, and reaching above this height, metaphorically speaking of course, is almost a necessity. Probably the act of getting up in the morning would rate as dabbling in things above my pay grade.

So a helpful exposition on your recondite note might be welcome. It is certainly necessary for the point to get across.

"Dabbleth not in things that are above your pay grade. Thou shalt get thine hand burnt"

Amen. Amen. Amen. As always my friend, pithy, provocative and to the point.


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