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"Because of his limited knowledge, a poet would generally be wise, when talking about poetry, to choose, either some general subject upon which if his conclusions are true in a few cases, they must be true in most, or some detailed matter which only requires the intensive study of a few words. He may have something sensible to say about woods, even about leaves, but you should never trust him on trees."
-- from Section III of Making, Knowing, and Judging: An Inaugural Lecture delivered before the University of Oxford on 11 June 1956, W.H.Auden.

One might also say the same thing with regard to the application of poetry in terms of finding some personal lesson or meaning. A particular poem may have some sort of universal lesson or meaning. It may have a very particular lesson or meaning (for which it would have been specifically written). But I am not so sure that poetry, especially modern poetry, even more especially Auden's poetry, is able to address trees. Modern poetry knows only the One and/or the Many. It rarely knows the Few. As a tree myself, who has recently been concerned with other trees, I must set the advice of Christopher Isherwood's former boyfriend aside.

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