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Yes, it is beautiful, insightful, and convicting (for me, at least).

I do wonder, though, if the development of VR in point #5 goes back even further than photography. I recall reading that the explosion of literature in Renaissance England followed from the development of printing. The ability to mass-produce books cheaply meant that suddenly one could make money by writing books with wide appeal. My snatches of reading on the subject suggest that the notion of copyright developed about the same time, which seems consistent with an emphasis on writing for profit.

So as I imagine it, prior to the advent of printing a man went through the tremendous labor of writing a book primarily because he thought he had something worth saying. After printing became widespread, the profit-motive came to predominate. In particular, writers of fiction (virtual reality) might find it easier to make money by appealing to the corrupted tastes of fallen man than by producing literature of true value. I wonder if visual VR (photography, movies, etc.) simply extended this practice by making its products easily accessible to more people.

Very well then. You got me. I concede. This may be the best written post I that have ever read. Thank you.

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