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"To press home the point, Julia dragged her daughter out to the front yard, every day, where they could witness in slow motion sequence the steady decay of a fallen sparrow."

Brilliant! Why, I've never seen a decomposing bird before. Well, it's off to the happy world of atheism for me! :-)

Thanks, Sis. Although I am more sympathetic to Orual than to Julia, unless, of course, we want to posit that New York is very much like Glome. I'm okay with that.

I'm just in the middle of re-reading Till We Have Faces. I just read the portion where Orual gets a glimpse of Psyche's home, but seems to do everything in her power to keep from believing it, to the point of asking a terrible thing of Psyche.

I'm no scholar, but something in this situation reminded me of what I read last night...

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