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You should always point out errors on this site ma cherie (couldn't resist that one). I count on that. Blog-writing (it's such an unfortunately ugly term) lends itself to essay writing in a collegial idiom, somewhat akin to the taproom critique at the Inklings' conclaves at The Eagle and the Child. I guess this is an essay site, not really a blog thing in the strictest sense of the word (if anything can be strict on the Web).

Now, about logoi and Lossky. Yes. His wondrous tome, The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church, is about my favorite doctrinal source, excepting only the Fathers themselves. You, in particular, would adore it, along with the Ambigua of St. Maximos. I know what to get you for Christmas, Sis.

About time? Remember Lewis' warning about the subject, to wit that much has been written about time, but little has been explained. There is a nice little book by Mantzarides simply called Time and Man. I'll try to dredge it up for you. It's got a nice and fuller explication of the three tiers of time: biological experience, eternity, and everlasting.

They were just questions; I wasn't trying to point out an error. :) These issues have been on my mind lately, and I'm trying to unpack the little we can comprehend about them. I have more questions based on your answer, but they'll have to wait until I have a bit more time.

So, does this book you linked to explain this in more detail?

Touche. That should not have read "events," which can be affected by creatures choosing evil choices. "Logoi" are the "creative ideas," or "willings" of God which reside in His energy, not His essence, and which concern each of His creatures. I really should have said that there is Divine foreknowledge not because God foretells or predicts (because in His divine everlasting, all time and eternity are comprehended), but because of His providence and "economy," or plan of salvation. It is simply because of His Will that something will occur: whether or not a creature with moral will (i.e., man) wants to accept his "pre-destination" of deification does not change His Will, but rather affects if that creature will "become."

I have a couple of questions:

What do you conceive time to be?

If events are foreknown because they reside in His energies, what about events that are inherently evil?

Just curious...:)

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