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God love you. stay strong.

I laughed also. Excellent essay!

Have you written elsewhere about this?
Of course, they won’t notice that inclusivistic, non-sexist language doesn’t save a single soul. Patriarchalism has, and will. Ask the Mother of God.

I laughed. Hard. And I agreed.

I like my editorials to contain plenty of bracing sarcasm. How else can we gain a hearing when substantive, productive debate has been erased from our national life and replaced with talking heads, mutual back rubs, sound bites and dandy-lions?

I am simply too embarrassed to take a grown man or woman by the hand and talk to them as if they were a little child. I feel like I'm back working at Camp Joy, a week long summer retreat for the mentally handicapped held in Bonclarken, NC. The difference is that the campers at Camp Joy had physical traits that distinguished them from their able-minded counselors.

This particular editorial is like a good Poboy (Sub, hoagie or hero for those of you unlucky enough to have not spent time in New Orleans). You've got your fresh baked sarcasm surrounding the true meat of the effort.

To change the metaphor, while sticking with the theme of food, it is like strong, hot coffee taken on a winter, morning walk. It makes one warm on the inside while remaining cool on the out.

I think I'll go listen to Muddy Waters rendition of "Mannish Boy" now.

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