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Pl. Excuse my gratuitous cheek- claiming martyrdom for myself before the act is (to put it very very kindly) absurd. Vanity of Vanities, Arrogance in Pride.

The upside down jibe was in reference to Blessed Peter, Bishop of Antioch, Bishop of Rome. He was a coward like me. His final martyrdom consoles me.

We have - in all and every case- no thing to fear. The Master, our Messiah, Christ Jesus our King, possesses and rules us.


Charles, I think you're referring to the fifth item. And very kindly, I might add. Just to clarify things, the 20 year prediction referred to a legal prohibition of anything gender-specific, including male-only ordinations. Now, whether the Orthodox Church will acquiesce to the legal demands of society is another question altogether. We'll see.

And by the way, despite the frequent gloom of these posts, I am fully intent on the enjoyment of nano-seconds, even for four thousand years.

"Let God arise and let His enemies scatter" -- I've always liked singing that in the dark of the night, and in the light of the Son.


You're wrong. There's still enough spunk in us. He is with us yet, until all time. I'm Catholic. I will die upside down and gladly before allowing them to violate and desecrate our canons. Our meaning yours are mine. There is no way in Hell they will ever force sacrelige on us. Not yet. Not yet. St. John Chrysostom said we had 4,000 years before the final Apocalypse. Let us enjoy every eternal nano-second of it. Let the devil flee before our Risen Christ. These fools deserve only our prayers.

Be not afraid.

Charles Curtis

Excellent post, especially #7.

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