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Fr. Jonathan, as Visibilium also said above, I would be grateful for a few words from you on what Augustinian Trinitarianism is and how it differs from the Orthodox understanding. As an Evangelical I am increasingly aware of how seldom many Evangelicals think about the doctrine of the Trinity and how we impoverish ourselves thereby. And I increasingly appreciate the richness of what the Orthodox have to say on the subject.

Fr. Jonathan, the fact that you aren't a politician helps you maintain a healthy -- albeit troubled -- worldview. Unfortunately, your Orthodox view will be ignored by the mass media. The creepy visit to the Blue Mosque gives fodder to the likes of LaHaye, whose warped perspective will be the only counterpoint (if any) raised by the media. I can see it now: "Evangelicals, on the other hand, are aghast at the Pope's visit. LaHaye and other notable leaders point to this as a sure sign of the imminent Rapture of the 'true' Church." Ugh. I sure wish there would be more historical depth in the political news (sic), but alas ... it shall not be.

Could you expand on your view of Augustinian Trinitarianism as the primary reason for the divide?

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