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I am glad to see that Voegelin is not long forgotten in your astute observation and admonition of his awkward term "pneumopathological". I am currently writing a piece on Heidegger's relationship to Nazism based on Voegelin's analysis of Heidegger's thought, found most notably in an essay that can be found on the ISI website. The paper is a writing sample for graduate school applications that is a tiring labor of love hopefully with fruit bearing results. I have spent three years trying to Professors throughout the US that have read Voegelin...I have only found individuals who have heard of Voegelin, but have not read him. The significance of Voegelin can be found in his astute observations of gnostic systems that could be found emerging in the religo-political movements of the 20th century. His conception that there is a pneumo and psycho pathological component was and is a radical concept that I have found has gained little attention in Academia to this day, though it seems Islamism (and all of its components) is forcing many to rethink their positions. Voegelin, though a devout Christian, choosing verses to be read at his funeral to be those of repentance, I believe, saw the psychological component of religion and the integration of religion and politics. Not to degrade religion by any stretch of the imagination, it gave new insight in how to examine and analyze ideologies in the light noesis vs. the unattainable heights of gnosis that all religo-poltical movements promise...unfettered spiritual liberation!

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