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I have thus far voted only for democrats. Though I am far from satisfied with them, I am unable to vote for most republicans as they seem to me to be more hypocritical and manipulative. I find democrats more humble. Though they both love Israel far too much, while my Church in Tyre, Lebanon is bombed with US missiles :(

Oh, by the by Father, thanks for your kind reply to my silly little rant on the Crusades a while back. Pax.

I hope your Lent is going well.


I've always thought it ought to be written "the Bellocteron" or something - which, while not as euphonious, would be more apt, as Belloc is in everyway more interesting & substantial than Chesterton, who's so arch and fey he's impossible to read without going into spasms. Belloc was catalyst to GK's conversion; and had far more influence on GK, than the reverse.

And I would far rather march and sail with Hilaire, and write like him, than GK, anyday, anyway.

Shaw was a twit, as are most we (postwhatever, blah blah) moderns. Hardly anyone reads the Servile State, Path to Rome, the Great Heresies .. further evidence, and fruit of our decadence.

And as for rights to happiness, all I can do is refer you to Thomas Aquinas- He says it's the whole point of being a Christian. I mean, the Vision is called Beatific, after all. And ascesis, sanctification, is conducive to happiness this side of the veil, as well, as my own experience attests.

I should quote in support, but am far too lazy to drag the Summa down and sed contra your toocan, so just take my word for it.

To be Christian is to be happy, even when suffering.

I'm sure S. Gregory Palamas would have none such sophisistic, papistical nonsense. Ah well. I only report the scholastic twaddle for the record.

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