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As I read your thoughts, I am troubled by the nagging question of what role his Christian parents could have or should have been playing in all this. One of his suite-mates said they never saw the family after the first day of the year when they came to drop him off. In all the talk of his being committed and disciplined by the university, there's no mention of his parents' involvement. Granted that he was an adult, but does anyone get a sense that they "dropped him off" in a much more final sense?

I think you are mistaken about the gun-free zone issue. One ex-Marine in that building with a firearm could have taken this fellow out. In fact, the knowledge that such a one existed might have prevented this episode entirely.

For that matter, he had to reload and perhaps could have been swarmed.

People who are unprepared to defend themselves and rely upon the police very well may end up dead.

Yes, second-hand reports indicate that at some time Cho had been treated for depression with anti-depressants. I would imagine, if the usual clinical mistakes were made, that his organicity was mistaken for a serotonin imbalance, and an SSRI was prescribed. That's just a guess, but it seems to fit the available sketchy details. I haven't heard or seen any report that neuroleptics were prescribed, or any treatment was pursued other than the usual regime of impulse-control or mood-disorder intervention.

See this item from ABC:

Is there any evidence that Cho was or had been on anti-depressants or other prescribed mind-affecting medications?

Very well said, Father Tobias. Thank you for this.

Whenever I feel a passion to self-express welling up from within, I whisper to myself: "Your heart will not guide you."

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