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Father, thank you as always for these links and your insightful commentary.
I have been lurking on your blog for a couple months and thought I should say hello. Thank you and God bless!

Father, thanks for the links to Hart & Bottum (a Dickensian law firm?). Piercing stuff.

One sentence, Hart's last, worth chewing over I think:

"[T]he legacy of [the late pope's] theology will be to remain, for Christians, a monument to the grandeur and fullness of their faith’s “total humanism,” so to speak, to remind them how vast the Christian understanding of humanity’s nature and destiny is, and to inspire them—whenever they are confronted by any philosophy, ethics, or science that would reduce any human life to an instrumental moment within some larger design—to a perfect and unremitting enmity."

If I may, the pope's legacy to us, to gird our hearts against the God-man denying materialism of our age with "a perfect and unremitting enmity."

Recalls for me that our Church is that of Sts Nicholas (he who slugged Arius) and St George. Warrior saints. Let us continue to be inspired by them.

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