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I used to subscribe to FT but I became very disaffected with their neoconservative "Israel-First" attitude. First Things has become a Trojan Horse in the Catholic Church, I believe. I also agree with you as to the "conventional" nature of their writings. Where's the fire?

Thank you for your comments. I confess a bit of embarrassment over the typing errors in the post. Life affords me few moments to proofread for a web-log, so please forgive my carelessness.

I should be clear that I don't have a "problem" with First Things anymore than I have a problem with, say, Touchstone. What I do have a problem with is the publication of authors in Christian journals who retreat to some degree of conventionalism. I'm suspicious that "natural law" means much of anything anymore to conservative Catholics except, perhaps, as a useful rhetorical tool to employ when the outcomes of contemporary historicist-positivist (read: nihilistic) thinking come to the forefront. Also, it sounds "less dumb" than resorting to the instructions of the Catholic Church, even though that is where the final marching orders are (or ought to be) coming from for that crowd. They're much more in the mold of a Maistre or a Cortes than they let on, though I really wish they would.

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