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I am familiar with Warhol, his art and his legacy. I think, though, that his public image was not so far off from his private self. There are boundaries a Christian cannot transgress in art (or whatever is called by that name), even under the rubric of dining with the publicans. Andy did.

...except for a “personal Jesus” that even Andy Warhol would find palatable.

Andy Warhol was a devout Eastern Rite Catholic who attended Mass regularly. His pop art paintings are also seen by many as 'modern', secular icons similar but distinct from the icons he grew up and lived praying before.

There is also some question as to how 'decadent' he actually was as compared to the image he allowed to develop about himself - even relating to his sexuality - is through his association with various tax collectors and prostitutes of a more modern kind than in Our Lord's day.

Ah, but teaching them to make really beautiful music helps to open the heart :)

I don't think we can be really open to beautiful music - to listen OR to make it - without our hearts having to at least creak open just the tiniest bit - and that is a good thing.

You know, as a professional music teacher, I get to spend a lot of time with bright kids.

What I notice is that the ones who are flamboyantly, theatrically depressed are not the saddest. The really sad ones usually seem pretty "well-adjusted," like a pricey car with a recent expert tune-up. They've figured out how to play the game, and they're going on to money and good schools and whatnot.

But they're a little sad. It's like the 50s times 50: they know how to climb the ladder, and that anyone who makes it high enough will be looked after in spite of whatever gross incompetence or active malice they may eventually show. They know that most people spend most of their time lying to themselves and others. They take fake passion and the professional smile for granted; it's their environment.

I want to be a Voltaire, to show them how hollow Harris's best of all things, best of all worlds really rings. I want them to agree that if there were no God, the last man living should quote Homer and die - not try to get into an Ivy medical school.

At least I try to teach them to really make beautiful music. i guess that's something.

I especially like what you said here:

Especially at the margins, in the extremities of delinquency and neurological impairment, adolescents are spookily sensitive to real cultural trends – at times, years before these trends ever make it to prime time.

This is so true - but always amazing to me that many do not seem to be able to see this - or wish to do so (am unsure which).

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