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Even though, Axe, I suggested dwyle flonking for the American University (and the MLA especially -- they'd be better off doing that instead of doing that PowerPointy thing in those special special sessions), I like the Berry/Bombadil/Cervantes/Grinder crew. Yes, you should be wary of the other team: I disinvited Hobbits, but they'll show up anyways, as it is bound to be someone's eleventy-first: so avoid their coney-killing aim when they take up the driveller: your best hope is that they've been at the gazunder so long that you get off with a swadger.

Iakovos: you're spot on about Mulliner, and I think I know who you mean. So true.

Should we make it an all day affair, I’d like to anchor a dwyle flonking crew led by Wendell Berry, Tom Bombadil and Miguel Cervantes. I am confident that we could best all comers, though I would be wary of any team with Hobbits, Inklings (especially Dorothy Sayers) or the Ochlophobist (with whom I had one occasion to hoist a few).

Dwyle Flonking or no, I’ll be there, showered, shaved and giddy.

You probably would not invite Mr. Mulliner either because he would monopolize the evening. However, to invite his nephew Augustine would be to you the work of a moment.

True, Charles, about the saints, though I'd be more comfortable doing the washing instead of being washed. But this is the Hall I'm imagining, not the Table.

It is not my office to invite the Saints, especially the Lord Christ Himself, to any gathering of mine. "Lord, I am not worthy that Thou shouldest enter under my roof." However, I am surprised, always, that I am invited by Him to His Table, where I shudder at the presence of the great ones.

Also, I'm not disinviting anyone, or expelling them from the company (save those in the sixth heading). Instead, I am discouraging self-definitions and self-conscious titles/agendae that detract from conversation and even courtesy. One cannot be Tsarist first before he is Orthodox, Republican or Democrat before he is Christian.

Orthodoxy is hampered and burdened by royalist nostalgia, and please bear in mind that I'm a paleo-conservative. If there really was a caesaro-papism in Constantinople, it withered in 1453 and shriveled under the Tartars.

I'm all for the mundane. That's why Bertie Wooster will be there with Freddie Wigeon, Psmith, Uncle Dynamite and the Oldest Member, though probably not Oofie Prosser.

Aye, Father, consider what you have said, in humility. No saint'd you invite? Unworthy to tie their shoelaces? Or have your feet washed at table?

Peter saith unto him, Thou shalt never wash my feet. Jesus answered him, If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me.

As for disinviting the Tsarists, I should think that might eliminate some half or more of your Orthodox brethren, to include the Sainted Nicholas and his brood.

If you communicate sublime, then so too mundane. To be a dilettante is too profane.

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