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Thanks, Max, for your kind note.

Mrs. Curmudgeon, I don't think I proposed that the line of these atheistic literary genres contribute to the decline of society in general. For one thing, that would be attributing more virtue (in the "power" sense) to them than they deserve.

I am merely smarting from opiners who sniff and moan "censorship" whenever the implicit ideas of folk like Pullman, Foster, Heinlein and Asimov are jerked out into the open sunlight, where they all look a bit mouldering and worse for wear.

Every story, in some respect, is an "unreality." But some stories really do propose a Many Worlds hypothesis -- a belief I insist is as blasphemous as one can get.

You will like Pullman's writing as a vehicle. It is good stuff, after all.

But it's what the vehicle carries, that non-narrative element of belief, that bothers me.

I'm not happy about some of the information I'm hearing about Pullman and his books. But I haven't yet read them. However, there have been many books geared to children written by atheists and/or about Godless universes with and without mysterious atavars and mystical powers. Off the top of my head I note: the Harry Potter series; The Philip Lynx series (Alan Dean Foster); the Robert Heinlein youth series; the Isaac Asimov series for kids. Much of the SF&F genre falls into this category.

Although J.R.R. Tolkien was a devout Christian, The Lord of the Rings series was about a different world with no God and people and elves with mystical powers. Much of Faerie is just that kind of thing. Poetry has elevated Faerie over long decades.

I'm not sure if we can accuse this long line of atheistic literary genres of contributing to the decline of society in general. As an adult, I rather enjoy reading "alternative universe" kinds of things - but I'm an adult who particularly is NOT swayed by this kind of fantasy. I certainly don't perceive it as an alternative "reality," it is an alternative "unreality."

After I have read the Pullman books, I'll get back to you and let you know my impression - compared to all the above.

As far as I'm concerned, all these "unrealities" hold no candle to the reality of Orthodoxy. It is only through Orthodoxy that we can achieve theosis. And that's the ultimate Reality!

Thank you Fr. for your always enlightening posts!

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