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No, I have not read the Archimandrite's reminiscences about this wise, pious (and deeply charitable) man. If you have a link, please send it on.

Thanks for this. It showed up on a blog search for Metropolitan Anthony. Have you read Archimandrite Kyprian's reminiscences about him?

We are never worthy enough to receive any of the Holy Mysteries. The reception of any Grace is predicated on our complete lack of merit. Yet, we obey and work out our salvation with fear and trembling. We prepare by entering into Confession, and we seek the Apostolic absolution, the binding and loosing Christ gave to His first bishops. We cling to the Altar, and we rejoice in praise as the greatest privilege given to undeserving man. We are unworthy, and become steadily more convinced of our unworthiness, yet we run to the worthiness of the Lamb. We receive Holy Communion in a worthy manner by recognizing the real Body of Christ, in repentance and faith, and never in presumption or vain repetition. We are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that only a crumb of the Eucharist from the Master's table is sufficient, but we will feel our hearts leap and quicken at the sound of "In the fear of God, with faith and with love come forward."

Is there a difference between receiving Holy Communion in a worthy manner, versus being worthy to receive it?

I had that thought recently as I struggled over my unworthiness coupled with my need.

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