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Be careful saying that in front of Orthodox! But, of course, you already know that.

I love Dostoevsky but can't help agreeing with Hemingway when he says, 'how can a man write so badly and make you feel so deeply'.

Thanks, Chuck, Kyralessa, Fr. Luke, for your thoughts. Unfortunately, I have only heard of Papadimandis. I hope to correct that deficiency some time.

Lincoln deserves theme status in any discussion, because the meaning of his historical figure is profound and complex. The paragraph I quoted from the Claremont essay only mentioned Lincoln to underscore the crucial position of Macbeth.

There will be more on Macbeth fairly soon, especially about the political effects of acting against nature.

At a later date, perhaps Lincoln will show up, as rhetorician, emancipator, and also suspender of habeas corpus.

Point well taken, Kyralessa.

Lincoln was no friend to any orthodox (or Orthodox) expression of the Faith. He picked and chose Scripture to validate a unitary, democratic system that has resulted in so many of the grave problems eloquently confronted on this site.

I don't wish to start a debate and probably should have said nothing to begin with, but still I find Lincoln a terribly ironic figure.

Without any elucidation, Chuck, that was an utterly useless comment.

I agree that Dostoevsky can be a bit 'dark' and difficult to read at times. However, an Orthodox Christian author who is not know well (yet) in the West and who I find MUCH more pleasant reading is Alexander Papadimandis. See: for more info!

The irony is that Lincoln played a role in the greater erosion of Western culture.

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