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And if you add: "Self-congratulatory Awards Banquets / Ceremonies / etc." I'll vote you dictator for life! Look at the old newsreels and you'll see the Oscars used to be a banquet, too.

Now... seems like every night there's another "awards" ceremony for quote-unquote "artiste's" complete with affected spelling. :) Where's the Red Queen when you need her?

Oh.. and while we're on the food... can we find a restaurant where they actually prepare their own rather than Sysco-it at a price normal folks can afford?

Our wedding banquet was intentionally low key. We had one thing in mind: if people remembered our wedding, it would be because of the service, not because of the food. There was little in the way of public speaking, no dancing. There was one bottle of wine at every table. But we did have 7 priests -- from various jurisdictions -- and wow was that a wonderful thing.

"The decline of Comedy into the After-Dinner Joke is an ironic proof of Gnostic emanation."

I thought I was going to die laughing when I read that!

There are good banquets, though -- and they're not necessarily expensive. I recently got married, and we found a banquet hall (Deo gratias!) which charged us only $35 a plate (with open bar). The food was actually delicious! We decided to make all speeches under 30 seconds, and we told the DJ to play whatever songs people requested.

I was told by several people it was the best wedding banquet they'd ever attended.


Finally a candidate I can support. You've got my vote.

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