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My pattern was the acclaim given the Tome of Leo. Perhaps that underlies the Synodikon.

The apocalyptic allusions try to translate "anathema" by illustrating how our society enforces it.

Statistical epistemology is propaganda to deceive the susceptible and intimidate the rest. The markets use it to get money. The government uses it to get votes. The ideologues (educators, etc.), use it to gain power over families (especially children) and the weak and thus advance their careers.

The shibboleth -- as I finally saw with clarity on your blog -- is anthropology. Disbelieve statistical epistemology, and you are a krank. Teach men that they are not by nature slaves who live to feed the market, clothe the government, and worship the ideologues, that they are made for freedom, consisting in holy imitation of the God Whose image they bear, and you are an arch-heretic.

I think, Scared, you meant that cry of the people to sound like the Synodikon for the Sunday of Orthodoxy: "thus we all believe."

Then you scarily move into an allusion to the Apocalypse and the number of the Beast: statistical epistemology finally emerging as the shibboleth for a unified religion and economy (on which we are teetering on the verge).

You are scary, Scared. Touche.

And frere Ben, I know the town but not the sign. It sounds like one of your many "don't read this" signs from years ago. Surely you've stopped this by now, at your advanced age?

Statistics has limits?

Educators, psychologists, and sociologists hunt down people (especially the weak), grate them into number-sized bits, mix them together in a silicon cauldron according to the sacred menus, and brew a magic mirror to show man what he is. The rulers -- nay, not they only -- the people themselves (and far too many who earnestly name themselves Christians) cry, "This is intelligence that eluded the Fathers and Apostles. This we all believe. Science has spoken through research. Thus our educational programs taught. Thus teach science and the academy. Forbid him who teaches otherwise to speak in public, to earn a living, to raise his children. This is true intelligence. Thus believe all fit citizens. It is the intelligence of those clever enough to acquire power." And so all know the measure of a man, and of men together, as certainly as they know the motions of the planets.

Unless, perchance, man truly is made in the image of a God who produced the world not by rigorous engineering but by telling a story.

47.2% of statistics are made up.

This, according to an Erie Insurance agency sign outside Youngwood, PA (a surprisingly frequent source of humor).

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