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An excellent review of the issues.

Pro-Life Orthodox must embrace the life of the imprisoned as well as the unborn. The life of traditional marriage as well as the life of the starving and impoverished. While, at the same time, in the public (political) arena we must navigate the natural rights implicit in Pro-Life issues with the fallout --for example-- in abolishing abortion we must also address and assist the woman who would seek a henceforth illegal abortion at the risk of her own life. To ignore her we would be hypercritical in our Pro-Life stance. The political/legislative landscape is overcast by gray skies for the Orthodox Christians seeking to influence social change. We can be traditional Orthodox on the moral issues but if we are also extreme-Right or Left in our political interpretation we will never succeed in our social transformative labors.

American Union of Orthodox Christian Citizens

Just to be clear: I do not agree with the pro-choice position, even if that person is opposed to abortion like I am.

I am under the sign of the Cross. I deserve everything I get, and I get far less than I deserve.

There is no hurt to forgive, but what grace I have is yours, and under that same sign, it is sufficient.

Very well; turn and turn about. You've responded mildly to my disrespectful sarcastic comment, I'll say nothing more about your style of presenting your opinions. Father. Thank you.

I'll speak plainly about how I see this issue of Christians voting pro-choice.

I get it that we may not want to assume God judges everyone who gets an abortion as fully guilty of the blood of her offspring. If she's been deceived about the nature of what she's carrying within her, perhaps she didn't intend to commit murder.

What seems completely immoral is a Christian, who presumably knows better, extending to her neighbor the legal right to commit the murder she herself would not commit.

We may end up taking that position on homosexual unions and other abominations simply because we don't have the same metaphysical presuppositions as our fellow citizens anymore and we can't force it on them. I don't know.

But there's a recipient on the other end of an abortion - a living being, genetically fully human, that is going to die by violence and deceit and the intentional act of another human being. If a Christian votes to deliver the life of that human being into the hand of those who will destroy it, how is she not guilty of blood? I'm not sophisticated enough to see how that's not sinful. It angered me to see this here.

I'm in the process of converting to the Orthodox Church, and my natural non-conformist feelings forbid that I go around prefacing every other comment with "forgive me" like other Orthodox seem to do on the internet. However I do feel that I need your forgiveness for the comment I made last night. It struck me later that I'd spoken in anger to an anointed person and that perhaps it was dangerous to do so. So I ask you to forgive me, not under compulsion, but because I need it. Also, I feel regret that I may have hurt you.

50, for the second question. For the first, I don't know how that feels since "brilliance" is not applicable, neither is "towering." I only hope for honesty, and I fear loneliness. You may have hit the mark on drama, and for that I plead your forbearance.

How does it feel to be of such singular brilliance and honesty that you you stand, a towering lonely figure, even in the Church of God? You must be very young for a priest. I haven't seen anyone dramatizing himself like this in quite a while.

A timely message.

Hard, but timely. That gate is still strait.

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