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I was also listening to Fr. Reardon's homily...I liked his comment when he said - I paraphrase - the apostles were such good fishermen that anytime they caught a fish in the gospels it was regarded as a miracle.

Father, what then does this do to the role of our Bishops as guardians of "traditions" and administrators of diocesan programs, and our priests as parish council presidents etc.? Is "Apostolic succession" equivalent to "evangelist succession" and does evangelism happen by default by merely maintaining (and I use "merely" quite cautiously without denigrating the gravity of its importance), tradition/s from cultures and ages past without an active participation in engaging the culture the Church exists within under their pastoral guidance? How vocal and "out there" among the unbelievers should our heirarchs be?
Or should "evangelist" be an ordained office as it seems it once was within the Church?

Steven, I "betcha" (I guess that usage is acceptable nowadays, though I find it exceptable) you were met with controversy with that remark. Kudos for your courage.
Bruce: thanks for this, and you take away the best possible intersect between my and Fr. Patrick's interpretation. Far be it from me to say anything less.

I'm still turning over, in my mind and heart, the podcast homilie by Fr.D.P.Reardon where the moment of his focus was on the cleaning of junk from the nets to make room for the catch. What I'll take away with me from your piece here is that it is me who is the fish to be caught, after repentance and some discipline cleans the net. (Hope it's OK to mix these.)

One of the reasons I ended up leaving Protestantism was because I saw the same thing in the Scriptures when I was a Bible class teacher: It caused no small controversy when I suggested not EVERYONE was an evangelist. I merely quoted the text of I Cor. 12:27-31 "...God has appointed in the Church, first, apostles, second prophets, third teachers....Not all are apostles, are they? Not all are prophets?, Not all are teachers...etc." It is love that all are called to: because we have been loved by God. I too eschewed programs, techniques and coercion to wear my faith on my sleeve in public.

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