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Yes, LT, you hit the nail right on the head. The Elders should be read only in the light of Scripture and the Fathers -- especially the Cappadocians and St. John of Damascus, in his inimitable Exposition.

We suffer from an insufficient grounding in Apostolic Teaching and Orthodox Dogma.


Is there something we should worry about the Elders? Or is it just that the Elders should not be read apart from a prior submission to the Fathers? Thank you for this post.

This needs to be distributed widely, forgive me for tempting you. It is sage for the layman too. Thank you.

Really, Joshua, life is can only be blessedly simple, but our overlays of passion-impelled concepts blur our view. The complexities and ambiguities are of our own making.

I am glad for your blessed day, and time with your father.

You make life sound so blessedly simple -- and wanted.

This morning and afternoon, I worked with my father on our garage, pulling wires, connecting electrical cable, digging a trench for an underground line. The weather was cold, but the sun still shone. And I worked with my father.

It was a blessed day and I hope there are more of those to come. It is a gift to work out of doors.

Father, bless.


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