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Father, I have neglected for some time to offer my thanks to you for your insights.
I read your posts on a regular basis and am always blessed by them.
I appreciate this post ("On Complexity") most especially, as you have managed to articulate much of my own thinking on such matters.

If you should have the time and feel so inclined, there is a question I have that as yet I have not gained any answer to.

During the emotional frenzy of the past election, someone suggested to me that one cannot be "anti-abortion" without at the same time being "pro-life" in the other related issues: anti-capital punishment, anti-war, etc. And they presented this to me as being a general concensus of Orthodoxy (being Orthodox Christian themselves).

My personal feeling is that they were using this position to justify their liberal political choice.
It all seems rather convenient to me and I would very much like to hear exactly what the general concensus of Orthodoxy is in this respect.

I am on the path (at least I hope) of developing an Orthodox phronema and the more I study the Bible and the Fathers in this light I find that I do not so much discover anything new as I receive affirmation of Truth I have always known.

Thank You for your writings.
I remember you in prayer always.
Mother Clement, OCB

Father Tobias:

Father, bless.

What can I say to this except "Thank you"? I especially appreciated the last "diversion": "But not hopeless."


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