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Y'know... this is a good post, thanks. Kind of want to respond... but shy on time.. and don't want to be quite the crank that... well... I guess I really am ;)

Close with the thought that as Kermit once said, "I guess it's just not easy being green." And I imagine we're about to learn how expensive it can be.. too!

I found it quite amusing that Obama was the reason that Prop 8 passed here in California. I wonder how long it will be until the white elite running the Dem Party have to start conceding moral issues to the Blacks, Hispanics and blue collar whites that make the bulk of their party.

Father Tobias:

Father, bless.

"Politics and all ethics," you write, "require complexity: simplicity is for self-discipline, not for the understanding of others." Where, then, do we turn for information on "required complexity"? Start reading Derrida, Lacan, Freud, and Zizek? Keep reading Shakespeare, Faulkner, Dostoyevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Auden? Continue to develop good relationships with neighbours, friends and enemies? A retreat into the printed word can be a retreat from physical action, I find.

I ask only because I think I have a tendency to try and reduce things to simplicities: one heart and hand in front of another person's, for example, asking for cigarettes and money. Does that tendency avoid the complexities of ethics and politics or expose them? After all, my answer is "yes" or "no" and that answer stems from the complexities of my ethics and politics. (What will they do with the money? I would want to be cared for in my own need, therefore I should care for others in their need. How much can I give to others yet retaining some of my property for the needs of self and family, et cetera?)

I appreciate your writing. Thank you.

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