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If you like Lukacs you may want to take up and read Jacques Barzun.

Father, thank you for these thoughts. If reduction of matter is infinite, than what about the mind? It is an interesting thought to me that mankind may be intellectually reducing itself to the lowest common denominator. Animal/machine. Thought has become a burden. Government to the rescue. Reminds me of a 1961 Twilight Zone episode called the Obsolete Man. Very prophetic. Also: Neo-cons are persistently trying to "elevate" the thought of Americans through "taking the high road"(hard to do if a flat-panel tv is on your wish list), while leftists are wining the day with a philosophy of demonizing opponents and promising a worry-free life with the fulfillment of all passions at your fingertips. It's everyone else's fault and not ours the leftists say, while the right is significantly insufficient in philosophy and spirituality to pursuade people otherwise. After the obliquitory pro-life and pro-family speaches, it becomes a dramatic downhill slope after that. In any event, have a very penitential lenten season and God Bless.

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