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I really didn't mean this to be prophetic (more like "pathetic," rather).

I intended more emphasis on the point that this "proposal" could very well be taken up as a "great idea" or "program" or (blechhhh) a "vision."

I share your hope, Stephen, for a day when substance and form will be known, even wanted.

But today is not that day: not when "virtual" has nothing, nothing to do with "virtuous."

If this had been written a year ago, you would be a prophet but as it stands the element of surprise is already gone and the sarcasm is lost in a sad reality. The only hope that I see is that eventually, people may long for real substance and form in the future and bounce back.

Ha! Your wit belies you.

You of course have heard about Tweeting in church:,8599,1895463,00.html

The folks at Mars Hill, as you'd expect, are into this. I hear that my own jurisdiction is now tweeting: but I do not know who is doing the tweeting, or what it is that could possibly be tweeted about. Are they tweets from closed door executive sessions? Now that would be something.

Here is a Twitter link for one of the many Study Bibles out there:

And the gushing over it by the head of the press that published the paper version:

Nothing like a little Bible with your "fast updates on sports, weather, news..."

I agree, I am a savant, but less the smart and talented part and more their opposite.

This is the problem with blogging. You think you've extrapolated some current idiocy into a horrifying future, then some savant tells you that the horrifying future is not only present, but more horrible than you ever thought.

OMG. (sorry)

"Imagine if Achilles had an iPhone and a Twitter account"??? One of your links served up that saucy, utterly emetic query.

OMG. LOL, Toronto Blessing style.

Thanks, Christopher, for this.

I think.

Reality may already be stranger than your fiction, though they don't list the Bible as one of the 75 classic novels and plays to be rewritten as "Twitterature" according to the July 4, 2009 Chicago Tribune article "‘Twitterature’ recasts campus classics into 140-character bites". See it here:

There is a Twitter thing-y that will tweet bible passages to you throughout the day and another that sends the 24 parts of St. John Chrysostom's prayer for the day:

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