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I think that we should sincerely and intelligently test the usefulness of something and explore the consequences, many of which are yet to be known, before we embrace a new technology. Wendell Berry's essay about why he is not buying a computer is a good litmus test of sorts although many of us would need to find our own applications to his thoughts. I for one could not live without the benefits and convenience of a computer, but also realize its sociological limits. Email seems good, but in my opinion Face book limits legitimate and sincere human interaction, relegating conversations to a series of funny comments, stupid quizzes, and superficial jargon. A persons value seems to be based only on how interesting they appear to be. The cell phone is good for the sake of safety and the security it adds to life, especially being the father of small children. Other functions of the cell phone however seem unnecessary at best and I am yet to being convinced of needing
any other recent technology, except of course in the medical field. Basically it seems that we are doing things just because we can, not because of a real tangible need. I am not quite sure what the consequences of this are but I have a few ideas and intuitions, most of which would lean on the negative side.

Oh get over it already. I don't want to hear no whining about digital devices - not a blog. :)

Excellent post, Father. It is astonishing how people so quickly reach the point that they feel they can't live without some device that didn't even exist two years ago, and they can't abide others living without it either!

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