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Father, that's excellent. I don't remember where I read this quotation about anger, but it was one of the Fathers: "God gave us anger to bear toward the serpent, but we have borne it toward our neighbour." Thank you for your time and attention in this regard.

Oh, and Visibilium (V, for short), were you aware that the sidekick is a PK?


The enemies in the Psalms (and really, everywhere in the memory of the Church written and unwritten) are not to be understood as "fellow man" at all. I had a chanter once who took no little glee at aiming certain Psalmic complaints against his perceived enemies. The problem lay on two points for him. One was that he really had no enemies to speak of, since all he suffered was a sullen look here and a negative comment there. The other point was that since the Incarnation and Pentecost, our enemies are spiritual. We are commanded to be angry at the demonic, but to confine our anger toward them and not toward any other creature, especially they who bear the image of God.

We should hate these enemies. And I have to think that we sin and hate our fellow man mostly because we are not hate the demonic enough, because we do not love the divine enough.

How's that?

Father Tobias,

Father, bless. (To be warned, this is completely off-topic.) I have been reading the Psalms daily, trying to read them both morning and evening, and I am struck by the continual references to "enemies." It seems, in our Western culture, that we have few enemies, possibly because of indifference to the affairs of others. If enemies do exist, they do so when another person tries to climb the "corporate ladder" in our stead. We hate so inadequately, possibly because we love so thinly. (I am probably mis-reading our culture.) In any event, my question is, "How are we to read all the Psalter's references to enemies in the light of Christ's logion to 'love our enemies'?" Thank you for your time and attention in this regard; keep well.

Yes, Dave is quite the magician with all the comedic smoke and mirrors. I couldn't help but to think, "Wait a second! what about the infidelity and fornication stuff?" not to mention the connection to his work place. I could not see myself getting away with even the illusion of desire toward a female co-worker. I would receive a quick and unceremonious dismissal for someone who would be seen as expendable and unprofitable.
Dave comes from a long line of womanizers which we have become to comfortable with allowing them certain freedoms for the sake of entertainment.

"But life will go on. Nielson assures us that millions of people tonight will eschew prayers and icon, even connubial relations, in favor of Dave (and other ironicists), waiting for their displacement-prophecies and self-caressing lyrics, to lullabye them into meaningless dreams of leftover passions -- a common bizarre experience for a fragmented, disaffected soul."

"It's hard to sleep, to rest, nowadays. What's demanded these days is a narcotic to bring on narcosis, since the sleep of good work, grief and joy, is so hard (notice how many sleep clinics there are?). What's wanted is a nightly, fanciful dose of ironic anaphora that repeats, in vain caressing repetition, the invocations of a chuckling world without sin -- sinless because, you know, camouflaged in shadow."

These are the most disturbing paragraphs I've read recently. Bravo.

As repellent as his unfunny jokes is the presence of that bizarrely decadent bandleader-sidekick.

no surprise from the pushers of perversion

Reminds me of some of the astonishing sentiments over Roman Polanski's just and delayed arrest. How did the US courts become the bad guy and the child-rapist win all the sympathy?

Thanks for reminding me why I had cut-off TV a year or so ago. With every passing day I feel better about that decision. Call me a prude.

One word: Hypnosis.

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