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Bless Father.

I wonder if you might expound upon the following:

"The "freedom to do" tends toward nihilism, the belief in nothing. It is impossible to believe in choice, and because people do, their thinking and language founders – simply because belief that is contrary to nature is belief that shrivels the soul."

Thanks in advance.

Amen. The growing number of Orthodox who submit to the teachings on "liberty" of the Acton Institute and similar deceivers of Christians is both baffling and terrifying to me. Lord, have mercy.

"Orthodoxy commends order, even the order of a state that persecutes Christianity ... A Christian can survive under someone like Nero, even Diocletian."

Amen. Although it was not one of the two epiphanies that most directly led me to Orthodoxy, Orthodoxy's commemoration of Martyrs under tyrants greatly reassured me that this faith was "the real deal."

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