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Well, Mary, it is not the practice at this site to engage in such low practices as using, selling or providing your email address.

It happens that I've never been offered much, if any, funds for the purchase of email address, so it really isn't any assurance on my part to claim that I do not engage in such practice. I have not had the opportunity to resist such temptation.

The "rationale" of this questionnaire is simply that I detest the practice of quantifying any spiritual "object." I also despise the caricature of "spiritual gifts" as is delineated in the heresies of Wagner, Wimber and their seething Third Wave pseudo-apostolic lot. Bah humbug.

As for the "presentation" of this questionnaire: this web site is it.

And finally, as for its grading: I think I made that clear in my last line -- "the more right-handed responses, the better."

I understand that this sort of grading will be hard to enter into SPSS or any of the social science instruments that float around like dementors out in cyberspace, but there it is.

Where can I locate information on rationale, presentation and grading of questionnaire? Thank you.

Please refrain from using, selling or providing my e-mail address for any other purpose than the above answered question.

Worse than mere objectification is the utilitarianism behind it. Our purpose is the result of our indentity not our function.

Its amazing what word order can do. Even something as simple as considering that being an image of God means that we have some work prepared for us, rather than having some work prepared for us means we become images of God.

That's not a perfect way to say it, but that'll do.

Glad to have you back blogging.

Fr. Fred indeed speaks for the both of us. I am sorry that your month has been trying. Let's "do lunch" before too long.

Charles, the thought of inventoring something as mysterious and holy as spiritual gifts is beyond my ken.

I have worried, for decades, about the risk taken by Houts (and his retinue: Wagner and the Fuller Brush Institute) in objectifying the sacred. Is this not what King David tried when he attempted to report attendance figures? Perhaps he was researching a felt needs survey of his homogeneous marketing segment, and was preparing a nice zippy presentation, replete with bar graphs, trend analysis, and a business plan to boot.

Do you remember the plaguey result? Oh, it was a plague?

Not to beat up on you too much, because Im sure you mean well, but the problem with ecclesiology these days is that there is too much inventory and preference, and not enough belief.

I just thought that my little set of dichotomies renders more clarity of belief. It doesnt permit preference so much. It also looks for action and choice, rather than opinion and behavior.

The Houts Inventory of Spiritual Gifts is a real inventory. It is a series of observations of actual events that correspond with real spiritual gifts. Your list has nothing to do with spiritual gifts. It isn't clear what your list has to do with, if anything other than your own complaints. The Houts Inventory has helped many people find out how God wants to use them for ministry. It is not clear what this list is good for.

Thanks, Frs Fred and Gregory. It's been a trying month.

Well, Cabbage, yes. Im with you. I prefer dance to penance, despite my inborn and exhaustive inability to do so.

But the question was really about choice, not preference. Choice has more to do with belief, preference with attitude. Choice is for action: preference is for behavior.

You're point is taken, but I really do prefer dancing to penance.

Good to have you back in blogdom, Fr. Tobias. I have missed you. Fr. Gregory L. and I were becoming worried. My score was satisfactory (but who am I to score myself?) yet I struggle with my PC and virtual reality :>).

Actually, preceptor, no.

"Paired" would be redundant in this case.

"Pared" means what it says: a good thing, I think, in language on religion.

I think you meant "paired" instead of "pared."

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