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The information posted concerning Fr Michael by Andrea is incorrect. First Fr Michael is not his given name, it is Stanwood Eugene Graves II. My brother died with merely $400 in the bank, many of his or the churches belongings were stolen during his funeral in Haiti. No one from the US cared enough about him to attend the funeral. Stan's remains are buried in NJ with our parents. The family was notified immediately of the death of Stan. Please fact check before posting inaccurate information. It does upset the family. Thank you

Note: I understand that the work Father Mike accomplished fell to the wayside after his death. However, I do not know the accuracy of the rest of the article (i.e. whether the accusations are correct).

Father Mike cared so very much about the Church and the people, and he sacrificed and worked incredibly hard. Unfortunately ...

•October/November 2004 The family of Fr. Michael Graves of ROAC-Haiti releases news of his sudden and unexpected death, his body having been found the previous week in his bathroom after parishioners' noticed his several days' absence from the mission-school. The parish and the family are justifiably upset because all ROAC-Valentine bishops and clergy refuse to travel to Haiti to bury their priest as required by Church tradition and ritual, but instead demand the immediate sale of the departed clergyman's vestments and ecclesiastical goods, with the proceeds to go to themselves. The parish being left penniless, despite Metropolitan Valentine's guarantees of generous financial support, and with only the leadership of Fr. Michael's 188 recently converted, unbaptized Haitians, they decide to leave ROAC and return to the wealthy but heretical Greek Archdiocese of Central America and its S.C.O.B.A. funds. This marks the beginning of a series of events leading to the dissolution of ROAC-Valentine or AROC in this hemisphere.

I just noticed that the ROCOR relief fund has a notice up about their mission in Haiti, basically saying that they can't get any information. That's at:

In terms of other information about ROCOR's mission, there is:

Steve, I was wondering the same thing.

I remember that Fr. Graves had a school of perhaps 600 called "St. George's," I think, in Petionville (I could be wrong).

I, too, would welcome any information about Orthodoxy in Haiti.

Do you have any news of the Orthodox Church in Haiti since the death of Fr Michael Graves?

Has anyone continued his work there?

Thank you for this. I heard some of Pat Robertson's comments on the radio just a little while ago, and I just fumed. That man so seriously needs to shut the hell up. I guess that's not likely to happen, though, so thank God for voices like yours.

And this is what Orthodox Christians can do for the Orthodox Church of Uganda ... I mean, they are OUR people ...

Thank you. I took the liberty of posting this, with credit and a link, on my Facebook page, Orthodox and the Byzantine Forum. Pat Robertson's comments about blood guilt and the devil and Napoleon boiled my blood. Your words brought me peace and comfort. Thank you.

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