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His wife is leaving him.

You have a hundred people? I'm jealous...


When I was a kid I wondered why God wasn't as exciting as Star Wars. The only answer I've gained as an adult is that excitement is starving.

My wife lamented last night just how hard it is. We can go all week "being good" or at least fighting to be the good that God has revealed to us, and in one day, sometimes a single meal we give up, give in, and destroy all that work.

It is bitterly hard to be good everyday when you are as weak as we.

That's what that woman if feeling. "I just can't get by without my fix. And maybe not even then."

Lord have mercy on us all.

I understand... and did not mean to imply that the rant was unwarranted. Though, I know you are careful about such things.

Your words describe the church world/mindset in which I grew up, and where I still live. I'd like to think that the current congregation is better than most, pressing in to know Jesus, and to believe rightly. But we are floundering, as well, in the swirling storm of popular theology, and American-idol-lite worship. The author of "The Shack" will be visiting and speaking in our town sometime soon (tickets only $20!).

At least you have the framework on which to hang a call to repentance. I'm not sure we even have the vocabulary for it anymore... :(


Yes, Bill, I'm afraid that it took on the form of a rant, at the very least.

But I'm trying to respond, poignantly, to the conundrum of the huge majority which now believes that Christianity is a mere matter of simplistic and capricious self-identification ... and worse, that Grace is manipulated by theurgic histrionics that the Gnostics would recognize and welcome as their own.

Where is the doctrine, that must be "thought up" to, in order that Christian prayer might be done? For we have all forgotten that Christian prayer and Christian belief and Christian works are predicated, reflexively, on each other.

Where is the struggle against the passions? Where is the constant acknowledgement of sin, as in "Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner"?

Please, your pardon for the ranting tone: I recognize that more than one or two lines were serrated. But too many, nowadays, associate Christianity with Coliseums, and that is just not the way.

Now that, THAT, was a rant. Heartbreakingly said. May God strengthen you in your ministry to the 100, in your care of the one.


I was in turmoil during Sunday services, having grievously erred by watching Hinn's "trinity squared" YouTube video beforehand.
But there's another video where he quotes Paul anathematizing anyone who preaches a "different gospel." "By your words you will be judged," Benny.

Well, "won" in popular appeal then. He needs our prayers now, because the weight of making little ones stumble is that of a millstone.

You say he has won, but if so it is a brief and transitory victory. He will someday be called to account for the souls he has led astray. I suspect he will need our prayers, and those of the saints, soon enough.

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