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Christians of every stripe seem baffled and overcome by modernity and the secularistic state/marketplace. Some are so confused or seduced that they mistake their defeat for victory. Some (I place myself in this camp) know things are going very badly, but lack the wisdom (to say nothing of discipline) to respond in a fashion becoming to followers of Christ. Thank you for your blessedly clear-minded post that seems to give us a little direction.

Is this, by the way, what you mean by the terms "theoria" and "praxis"? That is, is "theoria" a God-given understanding of the nature of things, of how all Creation (and even the darkness of our age) is meant to serve the maturing of our nature into its appointed end, likeness to Christ? And is "praxis" the disciplined mortification of the passions that frees us to live according to "theoria"?

Father, bless.

This is no outer dark
But a small province haunted by the good,
Where something may be understood
And where, within the sun's coronal arc,

We keep our proper range,
Aspiring, with this lesser globe of sight,
To gather tokens of the light
Not in the bullion, but in the loose change.

From "Icarium Mare" by Richard Wilbur ('Collected Poems 1943-2004')

This collection was a great read and, unlike much modern poetry, I'm going to read it again. There's a clarity in his work that I've not found in awhile. I thought this excerpt to be appropriate to your post. Thank you for the commendation.

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