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Rage at the darkness for God dwells therein.

That sounds great after Mayday. Stomach and patience are requisite?

It will be a pleasure.

All the same, it's nice to see you writing again. Dr. Hart is beckoning, if you have the patience/stomach for it...

China, the land, is beautiful. China, the principality, is congruous with all that I think of its peerless export, the Tree of Heaven -- surely, a product of the same process that rendered orcs out of elves.

Don't you mean post-Saruman and pre-Scouring? Incidentally (or parenthetically, I'm not sure which), the Scouring of the Shire was about my favorite part -- that and the lyrical stuff about Bombadil. It takes a horra-holic like Jackson to give the best parts a pass. God only knows what he'll do to the Hobbit.

Speaking of which, have you read about China's environmental nightmare? It makes Pittsburgh and Cleveland of the 70's look like the Shire pre-Saruman. Shar-Ki indeed!

We still have that southern march to do, now that the path's been bisected. On the face of it, it is poetical that we were amongst the last to cross the bridge. But while we were on it, it's practical and a good thing, too, that it was the last, for the thing was industrial and probably made by Sharky's people.

Thank God for the living water poured into thirsty souls. The hills are calling!

Though under the waves, memory remains green.

Ossiriand? Nay, Lindon. For Beleriand is passed beneath the waves, and we are bequeathed the Grey Havens.

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