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Many years, Father!

Fr. Fred, thank you for your kindness, and for your words "to be a man who turns people toward Him, who makes it possible for others to see what I see." Rem acu tetigisti.

And thank you, Ben: and, my very best to my sister-in-law, who shares this day with me.

Happy birthday, big brother!

Fr. Tobias,
I will avoid the KJV debate, as I have changed over the years from a position much like yours, to one that wishes for both accurate translation, and good yet contemporary English. [Personally, I use RSV and NKJV.]

Nevertheless, your description of what Church is (or ought to be) reverberates deep in my soul. You make me wistful (for I wish more than almost anything for my faithful to yearn in this satisfying - no, heart aching way). And you remind me of what I need to be striving for while serving our Triune God - to be a man who turns people toward Him, who makes it possible for others to see what I see, and to repent with hope and joy. It's hard to be heard over the din of American culture.

Thank you for this...


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