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Yes, thank God He takes on all comers, even those with dubious motives... it's much like getting married. :)

No, Fr. Greg, it is NOT problematic (how I hate using all-caps, a sure decadence of English) to be so attracted. Notice this point is not included in the dubious list. Cheers, the Chardonnay is beside you.

How about the fact that God, the Christian, Triune God, is not the unconditionally predestinating deity of Augustine or the wrathful, vengeful overlord of Anselm, requiring divine-human sacrifice in order to assuage his anger and/or his honor? Is it problemmatic to be attracted to Orthodoxy because it proclaims the truth of this, that God really IS Love in spite of all our sinfulness, venality, and weakness?

Interesting possibility. I will not hide the fact that I, too, was attracted to Orthodoxy by some of these very motives. I wish I could say that the only reasons for my attraction were those of beauty, truth and grace.

But these commendable reasons were accompanied -- and sometimes obscured -- by reasons of a lesser sort, say a reaction against my natal fundamentalism; an ambiguous boutique sort of new identity, predicated on a mysticism that was more convenient than ascetic.

Thank God that He takes all comers, even those like me who were -- and continue to be -- impelled by motives that are less than best.

Would those "secrets" include that I was attracted to Orthodoxy for the reasons you listed? :)

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