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I think Chesterton said it best--Darwinism is Calvinism without God.

Thank you, JLB. What would I do without sharp editors like you and Joshua?

Fr. Jonathan,

Should 'homo-oisios' be 'homoi-ousios?'



Thanks very much, Joshua, to whom I do give thanks, to whom thanks is due. Unfortunately, I cannot think of any way to reference "dew," but something will come, I'm sure, in the morning.


Forgive me for pointing this out, but should "His popularity is do to..." read "His popularity is due to..."? Thank you for this fine post.

Kind regards,

Singer, Benatar, and their ilk bear a strange likeness to Rowling's dementors, those Nazgul-like creatures that suck all the life and joy from those who come under their gaze. You can see the evidence in the comments under Singer's essay. One in particular reads like a suicide note. How can anyone hate life so much?

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