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Thinking of Caribou

Thinking of caribou,
Not the genus of subarctic deer,
But hierarchies of sound
Reigning over meaning.
Tundra, its kindred aural lord
Where live such things as deer
That wear their crowns for scratching ice
To satisfy themselves with moss
As well as ward off wolves.

So, some words
A poem of themselves
As mercury bead a moon.
Some single stop like pearl
Or multi-valve Algonquin
Sing without verb.

Thinking of the Micmac genius
of kaleboo that satisfies the ear
With stops and goes, even francofied,
Yet must contend with wolves
Demanding meat from music,
Scratching at its hooves
For meaning.

Sure, SubDcn Lucas. My email is

Fr. Jonathan,

May I contact you off the blog?

-SubDn. Lucas

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