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The Church should criticize, prophetically, all powers. We have gone on record repeatedly, launching many screeds against the usual left-wing sacred cows of abortion rights, homosexual liberations, and other liberationist and consciousness-raising movements.

For that, this particular site is sniffed at by the usual left-leaning crowd. You will not see Second Terrace mentioned at all, in any positive light, where mainline theology and secularist ideologies obtain.

The critique against all powers include the very powers that alone are the objects of the Prophets withering attacks. Very rarely will you see the Lord, the Apostles or the Prophets attack the State -- and you must remember that in some ways, the Roman State was more totalitarian than our own present one (I understand that some will argue against this point vociferously -- but I think they are misinformed and stand on shaky historical ground). Very often, on the other hand, you will find the Lord, the Apostles and the Prophets attack the rich. At no point whatsoever will you hear in Orthodox Holy Tradition any affirmation of the virtues of small government or of a free market economy. 

I find nothing wrong with a free market economy that gives relatively free rein to family farmers and small businesses. But I find a lot wrong with corporations that pretend to be small businesses; who, under cover of free market rubrics, rape American agriculture and mountain tops in West Virginia. I find a lot wrong with rich people who hide their personal responsibility under articles of corporation, and by these very laws of incorporation send American resources overseas to buy cheap labor just to expand the bottom line. I find a lot wrong with gas bag pundits who use the Name of Jesus Christ to stamp a Christian insignia on capitalism -- when capitalism is just as hazardous and materialistic and opposed to the Gospel as marxism ever was.

I really dont care about neo-leftists like Franky Schaeffer, and old leftists like Barney Frank and his usual democrat colleagues. But I find much worse people like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill OReilly, James Dobson, Tony Perkins, and the Family Research Council -- all of whom wave the traditionalist flag while they fought aggressively to unseat good anti-abortion Democrats mainly to score a victory for the damned free market. How long will poor right-wing Christians continue to let themselves be snookered by the ghastly notion that big government is worse than the primacy of the rich? Where do you read this in Scripture or St. John Chrysostom? Anywhere?

In no way do we commend a large State. In fact, anyone reading these pages would know that Leviathan is looked upon with frisson and foreboding. But a small State is probably impossible in a high-tech, commodified and morally decadent world. The small State that is dreamt of by our Tea Partier friends (like Michelle Bachman and Chuck Norris) is possible only if large multi-nationals did the work, in the background, of a totalitarian regime. Some of these deep pockets are the very ones, after all, who are paying for the nice buses that take nice people to the nice lawn chair events.

For this reason, you won't find this site remarked on, with much kindness, by conservative sites either.

We do our best here to encourage antipathy from all sides. Popularity is the surest sign of demonism, these days.

This is the first time I have ever responded to anything on this blog, ever. I have a great love for Fr. Jonathan and respect no priest greater. Having said that, I feel that I also must offer some thoughts. Having followed this blog for quite some time, I always look forward to the wonderful writing of which Fr. Jonathan is so capable. The ability to put into writing the same feelings I have for Christ and the Church which He has provided us, reminds me of some of my favorite apologetic authors, such as Lewis and Chesterton. But in matters of politics, I find I must add some thoughts.

I feel I must qualify my comments with the preface that as a young man, I thought the Democratic party understood. Then after college graduation and the gainful employment that ensued, I became a Republican because I thought they understood. Now I have faith in neither. One certainly could not call me a “Lefty” nor a “Righty.” I will concede to the fact that in many areas my leanings are conservative as Fr. Jonathan indicated in one of his own blogs not so long ago. However, the tendency of the recent blogs as of late, and most especially the comments that follow, have begun to show a greater political loyalty to one side than I can stomach.

The constant judging and attacking of persons unknown within the Tea Party movement by multiple persons, even “clergy,” has caused my angst and following response. Now I have never called myself a Tea-partier, I do not consider myself a specific defender of any political movement, have never been to a Tea Party rally, or would be willing to call myself a member in the least. I don’t hold the Founding Fathers as Pseudo-saints, nor am I racist because I distrust my current “Special-Interest” President. However, I hold one thing to be true in my modern approach to politics, I have a huge distrust in big government. Now I know this statement will immediately conjure up thoughts of internal defense; “you know they love their S.S.” and “where do they think they’d be without their medicare, those silly little…oh, I’ll hold back my desire to insert a tea-bag reference here.” It is as if these defenses justify the support of continued, failed government bureaucracy, an attack on persons unknown, all under the guise "the poor will be better off" with government intervention (which I do not believe, by the way).

I believe that Political, Economic and Religious Freedom are all intrinsically linked in the modern world, and where one is stifled, the others are soon to fall.

Politics corrupts, it corrupts those involved and seeks to corrupt, as well, those who support the involved too much. Politics aids man in succumbing to all sorts of passion, by justifying clergy in their calling of other human beings made in the image of Christ homosexually laced derogatives, while still appearing to be “in defense of the poor.” Politics allow for human beings made in the image of Christ to judge the poor (also made in the same image) while knowing nothing of their personal struggles or situation as well. It encourages self-righteousness and strokes the ego for those who find themselves leaning to the “Righteous Right” and those who find themselves “a fire-breathing leftie of late.” This “give-in” to the passions can be revealed by tendencies toward political Populism (see Hannity) and Pseudo-Intellectual pretension (see Olberman and Maddow). It allows those who feel they support the poor to attack those who support Pro-Life (interestingly enough, since when did supporting the poor trump the defense of the un-born, and vice-versa?). I agree that “the Pro-Life Movement has been bought and sold” just as I believe that the “support of the poor” has been used as an avenue to justify increased government control with a side bar of social engineering (did Marx not believe he was helping the disadvantaged), brought to us by the same people who sip lattes from Starbucks, while smoking cigarettes with their legs crossed discussing the atrocities of the rich while enjoying a slice of “Triple Chocolate Decandence” at their favorite bistro (“more foam?”).

Anyway, I could continue, but I am sure my writing is uninteresting and my thoughts poorly assembled and if I ramble too long, the many retorts and rebuttles to come might be too difficult. But I felt the need to offer this point, in today’s world (and for generations to come, I’m sure) over-sized, arrogant government is a bigger problem than Tea-partiers and socialists combined. The special interests of Mega-Corporations, Super Banks, The Teacher’s Union and SEIU will corrupt whomever they can convince, and make you feel righteous by your support of them. Barney Frank (D), Maxine Waters(D), Marsha Blackburn (R), and Mitch McConnell(R) have one thing in common, government corruption is alive and well, and transcends party, as well as transcends anyone's care for the unborn or the poor. I have little evidence that any of the aforementioned care for the poor, the unborn, or Christians. I believe that the secularism we both despise is better served by religiously ambiguous or atheistic big government than it is of the rich. Big governments infiltrate and kills, ask St. Lydia the New Martyr or Father Nicholas Pillai Pakiaranjith or see the “Living Church” or the Union of the Nazi’s and the Roman Catholic Church in keeping out the Communists (how much gov’t protection really followed?). A large government apparatus will always seek to destroy those with allegiances to anything or anyone but itself, even when that same government claims to be “working for the common laborer” or “defending the poor and the worker alike.”

My loyalty to is to Christ, His bride who is one flesh with Him, and the salvation that only He can provide (as I know I share with many in this blog)! Forgive me if I have offended any individual as this was not my intent.

Meanwhile, in our little Sunday school, our classes are collecting for the same food pantry. Our parishioners have been charitable as usual. There still are gracious and kind folks in our country. Hopefully, the children will learn from these adults' actions and be shielded from selfish and mean displays like you witnessed in the grocery store.

The guy throwing his bags in the cart was the consumer. He bagged his own groceries. As far as the welfare of the eggs is concerned, I am sure that they, like their owner, are not a little cracked up. Thin shell and all that.


Who then WAS the bagger? (I will resist the temptation to insert any reference to "tea" here.)

Was he perhaps the manager on duty, impressed by circumstance into performing a duty that he somehow believes to be beneath him?

Or maybe a retiree, forced to continue working, proud of his limited self-determination and yet resentful of those who, for whatever reason, do not/cannot work. The poor who do not work also cannot work in virtually all cases. They are prevented from doing so by lack of job skills and/or disability, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. They are also often disabled by addiction.)

And I sure hope that no eggs got broken during his little tantrum.

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