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I'm glad he didn't Tweet it in Greek, we'd be parsing the verb tenses and consulting Lidell and Scott and Dana and Mantey for even deeper nuances.

I guess he wanted to humiliate God by complaining about Him in public on Twitter. How many times do we complain about family and friends to others or on the omnipresent Facebook? It doesn't hurt the "other" as much as it makes the whiner look petty and ridiculous. That's my takeaway from this. If he really had issues with God, he could have taken it to Him in prayer. I am sure God could have given him peace over the incident if he would work it out in some quiet prayer/reflection time.

That is probably a crucial reason why tweets are of little value: anything that should not be parsed should not, in all likelihood, be said.

I don't think I've ever seen a 'tweet' parsed so carefully! ;-)

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